A slightly (fill in the blank) tale


So, as news director, I get a lot of email.

Please, don’t feel sorry for me.  It’s an occupational hazard.  Actually, I love email.  Just ask anyone who tries to have a conversation with me for more than five minutes.  My iPhone finger gets itchy and I need to know what’s going on.

I hear from a lot of viewers each week and I love to discuss the way we do things at WECT with them.

I even keep a folder so I can make sure to follow up with certain individuals who engage me on email.  I also keep some of the more memorable ones I receive.

I received one of those “memorable” emails over the weekend.

Over the past couple years, political groups have started organizing “chain email” letters so people with like-minded attitudes can email blast their representatives in D.C. or Raleigh.  They also email blast media organizations.  It’s an effort to spread the groups message in a uniform way. 

I’m used to getting them when it comes to controversial programming airing on the network affiliate, but I also recently started getting them for issues.

Like health care.

On Saturday, Joe wrote me to tell me why he opposes the health care bill making its way through Congress.

Joe wrote, “The bill fails to protect the earned post-retirement health care benefits of tens of millions of American retirees like me.  Unjustly, this legislation goes a step further in the wrong direction by actually financially penalizing corporations that do the right thing by continuing to provide retiree prescription drug benefits they promised to their former workers.”

Then Joe got to the point where he could tell me a little bit more about himself.

Joe wrote, “I spent ___ years working for ____ (company) as a ______(job description).”


Well, Joe, I understand your point and want you to know that _____ (input station response here).



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